How to get a holiday bargain on Chatloop

With the Christmas season well and truly over and done with, the new year means we’re all looking forward to the spring summer season - The lighter nights, the warm air and the holidays we’re eager to get booked in. With Chatloop, booking that dream destination has never been easier, simplifying the way you can browse and compare the web.

Whether you're scouring SkyScanner for the best flight deals or exploring Jet2Holidays for the perfect package holiday, Chatloop streamlines your journey to summer savings. Effortlessly browse through destinations, pin your favourites, and create wish-lists—all conveniently organised within your profile.

Here’s how: 

Effortlessly compare: You can start by using the browser to search the different holiday sites offering summer savings, comparing and contrasting the deals you seek. 

Gather real-time feedback and opinions: Once you have found a destination you think you would want to try out. Drop a loop: whether it’s a pin, wish-list or a Chatloop and tag your travel companions in. This will let you get honest and real feedback directly on the travel website, to help make those decisions. 

Organised all in one-place: Once your loop has been dropped, compare your favourites in your profile with ease. Being able to see all of your lists across the web in a consolidated and convenient place. Saving you time and the copying and pasting of links. 

Booking a holiday had never been simpler or more cost effective! 

Ready to elevate your travel experiences? Download Chatloop now and start sharing. 

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